Student Voice

Student Voice is highly valued at The Forest High School by both staff and students. The views of students are consulted and taken into consideration in a variety of ways at all levels across the school. This leads to a high level of student opinion being used to inform future practice and strategy.

All Tutor groups elect a Tutor Group Representative who sits on the Student Council and their respective House Councils.

How do we choose our Tutor Group Representatives?

We hold an election. Elections are formal and take place in the library. Each Tutor Group has its own colour coded ballot paper (Red, Blue, Yellow) with names of all Tutor Group nominees printed.

Library staff, Senior Student Leaders and librarians take on posts of responsibility eg Poll Clerk and Presiding Officer to ensure that the polling station is fairly run. Polling booths are set up as they would be in an official polling station.

The Student Council

The Student Council is made up of two Senior Student Leaders from each House and all other tutor group representatives.

The Head Boy and Head Girl chair the Council Meeting on a rotating termly basis.

The House Council

House Councils are made up of the House Senior Student Leaders and one representative from each Tutor group. There is a common agenda for all Houses which come from the Full Student Council Meetings.

Each House has its own project to focus on, the House Council leads on this.

Students attend all meetings of the Governors Student Committee to give their views and opinions and answer quality assurance questions about the school that the Governors ask.

Students are regularly asked about the progress that they are making in lessons and Subject Leaders conduct student surveys to identify strategies that are working well and areas that need to be developed.

Student Voice thrives here but if you have any ideas that will further enhance it then please make contact.

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Have a wonderful break and keep safe. See you all in September!!

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For those of you who have been enquiring, Year 7 reports were posted home on Thursday. Hopefully you will receive them by Monday.


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