Allocation of Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium monies are made available to enable us to narrow the attainment gap that still exists in this country between students from disadvantaged and more affluent backgrounds.

How do we spend this?

Having read the research generated by The Sutton Trust, studied the Achievement for All offer, attended conferences on Closing the Gap and been involved with establishing local provision for Education Health Care plans we developed our approach to spending as follows:

  • We know that the vast majority of students' progress comes out of good teaching on a daily basis so we ensure that all children receive the best teaching possible and that whatever barriers come between the children and their learning are removed
  • We rigorously track the progress of every student to identify any gaps, ensuring all staff know these students well and use data effectively to differentiate and accommodate their needs
  • We ensure that the development of good literacy and numeracy skills is a whole school focus and the responsibility of every member of staff but we provide where appropriate specially trained teaching staff delivering intensive, additional literacy and numeracy programmes designed to accelerate progress at a pace and remove this lack of basic skills barriers to learning
  • We understand that the link between attendance and achievement is high and that family support is crucial; we have specialised staffing and systems in place to identify early any issues or needs and apply a range of solutions
  • Barriers such as poor behaviour are addressed through a Behaviour for Learning system with compassion and support where needed

Good teaching, good attendance, strong parental engagement with good family support and academy–wide good behaviour are all key to removing barriers to learning and closing the attainment gap.

In addition:

We adopt a caring pastoral, vertical tutoring House approach and consistent access to strong careers education, information and guidance, raising aspirations and lending support as required

  • We enable support to be given so that all students have full access to broad educational experiences, such as residential experiences, sporting events, career-linked opportunities
  • We ensure no student is disadvantaged by a lack of uniform, equipment or food.

 What is the impact?

The impact of these strategies is being carefully monitored to ensure we are narrowing the gap. Not all interventions can be monitored using quantifiable data; an important aspect of our intervention scheme is the development of social skills and self-confidence.

Pupil Premium Spend Analysis 2014-15

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2015-16

Pupil Premium Action Plan Analysis 2015-16

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2016-17



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