Houses and student leaders

All students belong to one of two houses:

  • Incendium (Fire)
  • Glaciem (Ice)

Each House is led by a Head of House and a team of tutors who share responsibility for helping students to maximise their potential. Tutors have responsibility for the pastoral and academic oversight of each student within their tutor group and are the first point of contact for parents.

At Key Stage 3, tutor groups are arranged vertically with students from Years7 to 9 included.

At Key Stage 4, tutor groups are arranged as year groups to enable targeted intervention and support in preparation for year 11 exams. 

Tutor time is a key part of the school day where students have an opportunity to build relationships, meet as a House, and take part in a full tutor programme.  This programme promotes emotional wellbeing, develops skills and builds into the school community.

The Houses run inter-House competitions and rewards are linked to house points. They arrange visits and charity activities for students to engage with. There is a great buzz around all House activities with fierce allegiance and a real pride in belonging.

Year 11 are elected to student senior leader positions and work with the School Council to play an active role in shaping the future of the school.

The Head Boy and Head Girl are selected domocratically. Prefects are linked to each department.

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Have a wonderful break and keep safe. See you all in September!!

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For those of you who have been enquiring, Year 7 reports were posted home on Thursday. Hopefully you will receive them by Monday.


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